What to do when you get in a car crash!

  • CALL 911, CHP, or the local police to take a report.
  • If you have serious injuries, bleeding, severe pain, and/or difficulty breathing, call an ambulance for transport.
  • If you are able to, gather the following data: 
    • Date, time, how the crash happened, location (including street, cross street, freeway, lane(s) involved, witnesses, and take photos of scene from each safe angle).
  • Take photos of: 
    • 1) driver’s license, registration and license plate of the other driver(s)
    • 2) damage to vehicles
    • 3) the scene (including traffic lights, signs, cameras)
    • 4) skid marks
    • 5) any items broken inside the vehicle
    • 6) your cuts, bruises, swelling, and other visible damage to your person
  • Gather the other driver’s info (including driver’s license, insurance policy number and company, vehicle registration, license plate, state, make/model year, VIN and if the vehicle was drivable or needed to be towed). If there is a different owner, then get all this same data about the registered owner.
  • Detail all injuries and symptoms on your body at the time of the crash and later that day and the following day. You should seek a medical evaluation the sooner the better. 
  • Detail all damage to your vehicle, including if seats are still adjustable, airbag deployment, headrest position, broken mounts or seats, broken glass, and/or items that shift in the vehicle. 
  • Lastly, I would advise you to follow up with a local chiropractor or chiropractic-friendly medical doctor ASAP! You should get all medical records transferred to their office, including radiology images and reports. The chiropractor can help manage your care moving forward as your primary care physician. They should be able to order additional X-rays, MRI, neurology consults, orthopedic consults, pain management consult, mental evaluations, and any other tests or evaluations needed.    


Drive safe and share with friends and loved ones!

Dr. Kevin Cressey, D.C.

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