Treating chronic neck pain caused by low speed motor vehicle accidents

CAD trauma, known as whiplash, stands for cervical acceleration-deceleration injury and is commonly associated with neck injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents.

The Spine Research Institute of San Diego (SRISD) is a private research organization founded in 1984 by Arthur C. Croft, DC, MS, MPH. Since then, the institute has been actively engaged in the integration and publication of information related to the most common forms of injuries and clinical conditions caused by motor vehicle trauma. Since 1999, the institute has conducted various types of crash testing in order to better understand how improvements in vehicle construction and increased public knowledge about motor vehicle safety may help reduce rampant whiplash injuries. The SRISD website also compiles findings and recommendations of various researchers, authors, and agencies.

According to SRISD, neck injuries may be caused by rear impact crashes at speeds of 15 mph or even lower. Various guidelines based on synthesis of current scientific literature allow practitioners to provide needed care to whiplash patients. The Croft CAD Classification System is a joint project of SRISD based on an extensive analysis of nearly 2,000 whiplash cases overseen by chiropractic physicians.

The guidelines recommend daily treatment for the first week in order to ensure the greatest impact of treatment of the patient. The most effective treatment requires comprehensive management from the start. According to SRISD, research has shown that whiplash patients that received chiropractic care did not usually require more than two days off from their usual job and activities. Comprehensive management may help to reduce the growing pool of people (as many as 1 million added each year in the U.S.) that suffer from chronic neck pain.

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Dr. Cressey will attend the annual SRISD Scientific Conference on Nov. 22 and 23 to gain the latest knowledge on this topic and how to further help his patients. 

Article sources:
Spine Research Institute of San Diego

Written by Courtney Hong

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