Dr. Cressey and his team are committed to exceeding expectations. Read the testimonials below to see what our patients are saying about the level of care we provide.

“He integrated adjustments with message and “homework” exercises for me to do. For the first time in two years my shoulder stopped being a constant pain and turned back to something that moved my arm. I would have been eternally grateful just for that.”

“Dr. Cressey IS a doctor in all the right ways. He wants to relieve your pain, but also wants to find out what’s causing it. He wants you to be as knowledgeable about your body as he is … He wants to treat your symptoms, but prefers that he helps you avoid those symptoms in the first place.”

“At my first appointment, he was really mindful about making sure I was totally informed and comfortable, knowing that I had not seen a chiropractor before, which was really important to me. He is exceptionally great about answering questions as thoroughly as possible, and offering up a lot of helpful information as you go along.”

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