Pasadena Sports Injury Prevention

Dr. Kevin Cressey is a sports injury chiropractor in Pasadena. He is a Certified Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Professional (Level 1) ─ helping athletes with injury screening and prevention. As an active person himself, Dr. Cressey understands how hard it is for athletes to be held back by an injury. He is dedicated to helping his patients enjoy the active lifestyle they’re accustomed to, as no one wants to be stuck on the bench.

Athletes can benefit from Dr.Cressey’s chiropractic care in a number of ways, including:

  • Injury Prevention

    Seeking preventative chiropractic care is one of the best methods of sports injury prevention. Pasadena chiropractor, Dr. Cressey can evaluate a number of factors, such as the way you’re standing, moving and even the quality of your shoes to gauge risk factors. He’ll teach you the best stretches to help your body warm up and cool down, prior to engaging in physical activity.

  • Injury Treatment

    Dr. Cressey can help ensure your injury doesn’t keep you down for long. Chiropractic care focuses on the improvement of joint mobilization, ensuring all the joints in the body are moving properly. The combination of chiropractic adjustment to return spinal segments back to normal and physical therapy techniques to strengthen the supportive tissues allows the body to properly heal. Whether you’ve suffered a sprain, have a case of tendonitis or aren’t sure what’s causing your pain, seeking timely chiropractic care can allow you to be back on-the-go as soon as possible.

  • Strengthening of Prior Injuries

    All sports injuries do not have an equal impact. Many athletes sustain injuries and opt to live with the pain, because they don’t realize there’s a relatively simple way to heal. Dr. Cressey will locate the source of your discomfort, to find a way to reduce it or eliminate it entirely. There’s no need to suffer from recurring pain that holds you back from the active lifestyle you enjoy.

Pasadena sports injury chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Cressey is committed to helping his patients maintain an athletic lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for searching for Pasadena area sports injury prevention or help healing, he can provide the assistance you need.

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