Pasadena Ergonomic Office

Need an ergonomic evaluation in Pasadena? Dr. Kevin Cressey is a Certified Office Ergonomics Evaluator by Humanscale ─ helping office workers achieve proper ergonomics in the workplace or home office. If you’re like most people, work is a huge part of your life, so it’s important to ensure the conditions you’re under aren’t hindering your health.

Scheduling an ergonomic office evaluation with Dr. Cressey offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Eliminating Pain

    Most people spend eight hours per day or more sitting at their work desk. While working long hours and rarely stopping for a break may serve as a career booster, it’s terrible for your health. Many office workers suffer from conditions like chronic back and neck pain, without realizing their workstation is the root of the problem. A few simple adjustments can make huge difference, helping to significantly reduce or eliminate the pain.

  • Workstation Evaluation

    Dr. Cressey can help patients seeking advice on office ergonomics in Pasadena. After examining factors like chair height, hand position, whether a seated or standing desk is used, number of monitors on the desk, phone placement and more, he will find ways to limit the stress on the body. Patients work together with Dr. Cressey to create a customized ergonomics plan that’s both effective and feasible.

  • Injury Prevention

    Everyone’s body reacts differently to poor ergonomics. While some people notice an impact almost immediately, others may go years before feeling the pain. Scheduling ergonomics evaluation can help prevent the onset of future conditions, such as chronic back pain, tendonitis, tension headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. Combating these conditions before they begin is the most effective way to stay pain-free.

Dr. Kevin Cressey performs Pasadena ergonomic office evaluations to help his patients create a workstation conducive to their health. Proper ergonomics can have a hugely positive impact on productivity, as people can’t work to their full potential when in pain. If you’re suffering from chronic pain but are having trouble locating the source, your workstation may be to blame. Allowing Dr. Cressey to make a few simple changes to your workspace can make a world of difference.

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