Senior Chiropractor Pasadena

Looking for a professional skilled in elder chiropractic? Pasadena chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Cressey, is dedicated to helping senior citizens live life to the fullest. Many aches and pains can be significantly reduced or even eliminated entirely with proper chiropractic care. There’s no need to adjust your lifestyle due to discomfort ─ simply seek the assistance of a chiropractor to get back to your normal routine as soon as possible.

Chiropractic care offers senior citizens a number of benefits, including:

  • Less Pain or Discomfort

    Pain and stiffness stemming from spinal related conditions are common complaints of many senior citizens, causing a need for anti-inflammatory medication and pain relievers. Dr. Cressey is trained to identify and treat these subluxations, which can minimize your pain and in some cases even eliminate it completely.

  • Enhanced Balance and Coordination

    Aging causes the muscles in the spine to begin losing the necessary tone to maintain balance. This decreases your sense of body awareness and increases your chances of taking a nasty fall. Seeking regular chiropractic care can help improve your balance and coordination by properly aligning your body

  • Improved Range of Motion

    Living with a limited range of motion means having to sacrifice some of the greatest things in life, like playing with your grandchildren and tending to your garden. A chiropractor can adjust your spine to increase your range of motion in the spine and extremities, allowing you to be an active participant in your own life.

  • Increased Overall Health Condition

    A recent study by the RAND Corporation revealed that seeking chiropractic care can improve the overall health of senior citizens. A group of people aged 75 years and older participated in the three year study, with 87 percent of chiropractic patients describing their health as good to excellent and just 67 percent of non-chiropractic patients reporting the same status ─ an overwhelming 19 percent difference.

Searching for a professional skilled in senior chiropractic? Pasadena chiropractor, Dr. Cressey, is committed to helping elder patients enjoy their lives and not be held back by chronic pain. There’s no need to suffer from pain that can easily be reduced or eliminated with proper chiropractic care.

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