FYI: The importance of chiropractic checks after “minor” car accidents

Getting checked after an auto accident is really important!

Too often, patients tell me about a “minor accident” they were involved in about 5-10 years ago and they think it is not related to their achy shoulders that started from “out of nowhere” or they “slept on wrong”. Most of the time, the cause is a “minor accident” where they thought a 5-10 mph rear end collision was no big deal and they were not hurt.

Turns out the cars now are being produced with a more ridged stance, so you do not die in high speed crashes. But in low speed, the crumple zones are less impacted and the human inside moves, more causing more injuries in low speed impacts.

Make sure to get checked for injuries, even minor ones before they become major and a major investment in your health when your joints are degenerated.

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