FYI: Properly treating ankle sprains

Did you know that my office treats ankle sprains? Often patients will tell us of their experience with a sprain. Usually it starts with:

I went to an urgent care, they took x-rays, told me it’s not broken and told me to wrap and ice it…done.

Protocols for ankle sprains vary dependent on how badly the ankle was sprained, there is a grading system for this and you should know what grade sprain. X-rays and even an MRI should be considered for some sprains and sometimes surgery is required. We refer to the best orthopedists in town for these such cases. Other times different care should be done including managing the swelling with ultrasound, ice and tape.

Stretching the restricted tissues and strengthening the area with non weight baring and then weight baring exercises. The correct protocols for each injury can vary but they in most cases certainly are not just wait and it will get better. The reason for this is you need to strengthen your tissues so it does not become a chronic injury area.

Remember, sprains of all joints of the body are treatable through Chiropractic management.

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