Most Improved District at CCA!

California Chiropractic Association at Assemblymember Ed Chau’s Press Conference

I represented the California Chiropractic Association at Assemblymember Edwin “Ed” Chau’s press conference on March 20, in support of AB41 regarding healthcare coverage discrimination, which Mr. Chau brought forth to the California legislature.

This great event was covered by LA18 Chinese TV!


Cheering on the Pasadena Pacers at the LA Marathon!

Image of Dr. Cressey with group of students from Southern California University of Health Sciences

Meeting legislators at the State Capitol

Had a productive day at the state capitol with my fellow chiropractors meeting our state legislators about some important bills.


FYI: Risk factors for injury in a motor vehicle crash

Did you know that when you are involved in a Motor Vehicle Crash (MVC), some of the risk factors for acute injury include:

  1. Female
  2. History of Neck injury
  3. History of whiplash
  4. Poor Head restraint geometry
  5. BMI of Head/neck
  6. Frontal vs. rear seating position
  7. Impact of vehicle of greater mass
  8. Rear struck occupant, when bullet vehicle has a motor that is longitudinally mounted

These are just a few of many factors to consider. Make sure to be evaluated by an professional for suspected injuries when in a MVC, don’t just take the ER or Urgent Care word that with muscle relaxers and pain killers it will go away on its own in time.

Success for the “Operation Santa” Holiday Party 2014

New at the office: a Leander chiropractic table

4th Annual Holiday Party for “Operation Santa” Project!

The holidays are here and it’s time to celebrate! This is a combined effort of various groups for a good cause … Pasadena Jaycees’ “Operation Santa” Project and the Union Station Homeless Services.

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