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FYI: Properly treating ankle sprains

Did you know that my office treats ankle sprains? Often patients will tell us of their experience with a sprain. Usually it starts with: I went to an urgent care, they took x-rays, told me it’s not broken and told me to wrap and ice it…done. Protocols for ankle sprains vary dependent on how badly […]

FYI: Chiropractic and Yoga

Yoga! One of the most common questions I get from patients on a daily basis is “Doc is it okay if I do yoga?” It’s such a difficult question to answer and the reason being just like most professions, yoga instructors each are different and their qualifications can be different. Not only are their qualifications […]

FYI: On “sleeping wrong”

“Slept Wrong”… This is the mechanism of injury often reported to me. In fact, yesterday I think I heard this one about 8 times during the day. People don’t actually “sleep wrong”, it’s almost always something they did before they went to sleep that they forgot about, or did not realize was a stressor on […]

Defining muscle injuries

For my fellow practitioners, this article is a great definition of the current terminology used to standardize how we communicate about muscle injuries. I recommend this as a read to any of you who treat muscle injury!